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Community Development Tools

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Community Development Tools 



Community Site for Contributing Copylefted Game Assets


The DevLibrary seeks to facilitate the contribution of small, usable, copylefted game assets by a large, design-oriented community. While 8-bit game programming is a significant challenge, the availability of functional 8-bit graphics is often the major bottleneck. As we have a large number of volunteers who are interested in contributing 8-bit graphics, we have been motivated to create an improved toolkit for creating functional 8-bit graphics. However, we believe that a community site could enhance volunteer participation by 1. clearly stating goals (i.e., the graphics we want) and 2. facilitating social motivations through community ratings and recognition. 



We are building a game about investment and farming. We therefore need 8-bit graphics and sprite animations of farm animals. We post a blog on the Devlibrary describing the need and host a discussion in the comments to help clarify. We also post specific requests into the asset request queue, which provide detailed specifications. We may even post a warrant or reward for timely completion of the assets. Community members are able to use our online graphics tool to create sprites and background tiles, which can be automatically posted online. The graphics are then floated to the top of our feed, where they are available for commenting and rating. If we use any assets, the author's names can be automatically included in the game credits.


Current Work:

Basic design is available at http://devlib.playpower.org/

Being migrated to devlibrary.org


Possible Projects:

Integrating site and design tools: enabling tools to automatically post to the site, with appropriate metadata

Asset Request Queue: structured and semi-structured input for design specifications



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