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Graphical tool for coding

Page history last edited by darsh_shah 10 years, 3 months ago

Graphical Tool for coding


As we coded for the game, we realized that writing the code in 6502 assembly language is quite a difficult task. While coding, I found that there were some tasks which were done again and again. Hence, we can have a library in which these common tasks are defined and we can directly call them in our code.


Also, nowadays many softwares have a code builder using GUI. Hence, to easily code, we can build some GUI for coding. Like, we have a block for walking or flying and we just initialize the block with sprite addresses. Something like Scratch. 


Doing this will lead to an ease in coding and people who don't have prior exposure in coding/understanding architecture can easily make new games. 


This also can be extended for composing music using icons and buttons instead of writing the values in famitracker.


Darsh Shah

Comments (2)

nitrofurano said

at 11:22 am on Mar 10, 2011

if people are developing these tools, i'd ask to them focus on making them running defaultly on software-libre based operating systems, such as Linux

Pasquale Barilla said

at 3:48 am on Mar 11, 2011

this is a really good idea. It reminds me of the SMB3 workshop.

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