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Atalan Compiler

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This working group is established to build libraries for the 6502 Atalan compiler, in order to streamline the programming of 8-bit content

Atalan compiler produces efficient 6502 code and is in active development. It specifically tailored for 8-bit game programming.

You can find more about Atalan at http://atalan.kutululu.org


State of development


  • Atalan can now produce NES files, that can be directly used with FCEUX emulator.
  • It is possible to create sprites and backgrounds.
  • It is possible to read Input state of the Game-PAD's 
  • Added support for 'in stream' registers like PPU_STAT_REG ($2002).



  • Address joystick
  • Address keyboard 
  • Address PPU (Graphics Card) 
  • Create some demos 






Scratchalan is module, that will allow creating a game in Scratch development environment (See http://scratch.mit.edu/) and generate Atalan source code,

that will then compile into NES cardridge image. For more information, contact Marcel Cevani at Atalan discussion group http://groups.google.com/group/atalan-lang


State of development

  • Simple Controll blocks (loop,if,ifelse) and variable asigments are available
  • Switching of background is now possible 
  • Added more than one stage logic (for making intro screen,main , end etc) 
  • Added new CommandBlock that alllows us to switch to a different stage 
  • New minus block added 
  • NES Specific Event blocks (Sprite Initialisation, Sprite Update, Sprite KeyPad Pressed)  are implemented
  • Collision detecion with Bounding box (touch block) 
  • Pressing the green flag will automatically start the ATALAN-Compiler and the resulting rom will be run in fceux emulator.
  • Sprite defination files can now be imported.    

          If an preview File exist for it,its shown in the Sprite panel.


Images of Scratchalan








Next Steps

  •   Adding more Controll-Block and adding Random number generator 
  •  Testing... Testing 
  •  Preparing beta package 


Image of Test Game (Poong)





Comments (2)

Pasquale Barilla said

at 5:18 pm on Jan 23, 2011

Thats good news! I am really into GBDK which is the same thing, but for Gameboy (and essentially Z80). Hopefully they can make it amazing!

Pasquale Barilla said

at 1:10 am on May 10, 2011

This is looking really good, Marcel!I'd love to try out your Pong game, if you can upload the ROM?

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