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There is a need for a universal development environment for people interested in developing games for the $10 computer who might not have access to a Windows based environment.


It is with this in mind, and following the guidelines for such an environment set our linux live-cd packages, that I created the Playpower Development Environment.


The environment is based on Ubuntu, but using the XFCE environment. I decided that we should target this at more people, rather than the people keeping on the bleeding edge, as XFCE is perfect at running on legacy hardware (I think you can install it on something with 256mb ram).


This is a very early version, and there is alot of things that are wrong with it. The first is the lack of ease with running win32 applications (YYCHR, Famitracker, ASM6). Currently, to get these working you must first install the environment (Parallels, QEMU are okay if you dont want a dedicated computer), then navigate to your /etc/skel folder and copy the folder "Windows-Apps" to your desktop, then run Q4WINE (from menu -> settings -> Q4WINE), then set up wine (hit next next only), then drag the EXE's into the Q4WINE window and launch from there! Phew, that's too much work!


You can grab the early version from here.

The release notes are kept here.

You can grab the latest Virtual Environment here.


Please let me know what I have done right, wrong, and so on. And if anyone would like to lend a hand with this Project, I would be delighted! :)


Comments (3)

nitrofurano said

at 11:27 am on Mar 10, 2011

awesome initiative! i'll try it asap! thanks! :)

nitrofurano said

at 11:58 am on Mar 10, 2011

827mb of iso? try to shrink it below 700mb (maybe removing OpenOffice, or some stuff else not needed...)

Pasquale Barilla said

at 3:29 am on Mar 11, 2011

Yeah, its a bit big. I'll work on getting it smaller in the next release. I'm not happy with Ubuntu anyways, its a bit bloaty.

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