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Current Game Development

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From December 10-22, we held an Educational Game Development workshop at IIIT-Hyderabad, in India (Info Here).  Teams began the development of 3 games for the 8-bit platform.  We are now looking to complete these games, and we can use your help.

The games with their description and source code are available below:


Requested Game Graphics for Hanuman Games




Priority Games Description Storyboard Source Code Target Completion Date

Hanuman: Typing Warrior

A skill as simple as touch typing can make the difference between earning a dollar a day as an urban laborer or several dollars a day as a clerk in an office. Therefore, one team set out to create a typing game based on the classical mythological character Hanuman. This well-known character may make the game more engaging and encourage good parental reception. The narrative of the game is the quest for the medicine for Lord Laxman.Player has to type the words written in the clouds before the time runs out. Hanuman_Type_Warrior.ppt Hanuman typing game.rar April 15
1 Hanuman's Quiz Adventure

Quiz games are famous and well-liked in India, as demonstrated by the numerous hit television shows with a multiple-choice question/answer format. Quiz games can encourage an appreciation for knowledge and furthermore engage an entire family in game play. Therefore, one team created a quiz game that is combined with the popular story of young Hanuman flying up to the sun, which he mistakenly believes is an apple.

Quiz game.ppt

Quiz game.rar March 15
3 Mosquito Game

Health awareness is a critical issue in India, considering that more than 80% of childhood mortality in India is caused by preventable and curable disease. Therefore, one team created a fun game based on preventing Malaria, which causes over 1.6 million deaths per year. Because one common video game mechanic involves the repetitive destruction of a large number of "enemies,” the eradication of large numbers of mosquitoes is actually rather satisfying. This team is now creating a full game about the dangers of malaria. Mosquito Game.ppt Mosquito game.rar May 15




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