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Project History

Page history last edited by Daniel Rehn 12 years, 3 months ago

June 2009

Playpower Workshop at Games and Learning Society Conference, in Madison, Wisconsin. 


May 2009

Playpower Demo at Maker Faire in Bay Area and at Games for Change Festival in NYC.


April 2009

Playpower accepts MacArthur-HASTAC Digital Media and Learning grant for $175,000.  Grant to pay for open-source SDK development and a series of international workshops introducing "Learning Game Design" and the SDK to developer communities. 


March 2009

Playpower presents at Etech 2009.


January-March 2009

Lawrence, Felix, and Luis work on develop SDK for 8-bit computer for ECE 191 Senior Design project.  They help produce a demo Quiz game, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game framework, and Eagle schematics of the computer.


October 2008

Playpower research paper accepted and presented at "Meaningful Play 2008."  MacArthur DML grant submitted by Jeremy Douglass, Daniel Rehn, and Derek Lomas.


August 2008

Boston Herald publishes story about $12 computer, followed by ABC news, Christian Science Monitor, blogs, etc.  Playpower.org domain name bought, Daniel Rehn develops first 8-bit site design.


July-August 2008

International Development Design Summit at MIT.  Derek, Anuj, Jesse, Miguel, George, and Bill conduct feasibilty study on 8-bit computer.  Some code developed in nBASIC.


May 2008

Daniel Rehn proves that 8-bit computer is 6502-based, NES clone.


March-April 2008

Return to UCSD.  Begin collaborating with Jeremy Douglass and Daniel Rehn.  Begin exploring the 8-bit system.  Communicate with IFMR about possible project to design training/assessment game for Micro-Finance officers.  GRAIN Founded with students from Design4Dev course. 


March 2008

Buy 8-bit computer in Bangalore, with Saurabh from MS Research, took to Srishti School of Art and Design, discussions with Game Design Faculty.  Tested and documented system.  Pictures posted. 


January-March 2008

"Design for Development: Developing Technologies for Developing Economies" course taught at UCSD, remotely from India. 


June-October 2007

Derek Lomas interns for Qualcomm in Bombay, India.  Develops computer-aided learning tool for teaching basic phrases on mobile phones.

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