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How to Help

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As a volunteer for Playpower, there are many ways to help.  It really depends on your skill set.

The best way to help is to learn to program the $10 computer




Game Porting

  • Help port a classic educational game


Development Documentation


Visual Design

  • Design an 8-bit character
  • Create a Character Set
  • Create an International Font


Development Research

  • How to accept Keyboard input?
  • Memory map of registers
  • Target memory mapper


Development Tools

  • cc65 has a compiler library called rNES, but it is incomplete. 
  • nBASIC can supposedly create functional games, but this needs testing.


Cartridge Development

  • USB or SD Card Integration
  • Designing a low-cost flash-based cartridge


Game Frameworks



  • If you are in college, it is usually pretty easy to get school credit for contributing to Playpower.  Ask us how:  derek@playpower.org
  • Teach a university level course that involves Playpower development






  • Submit an idea for our Ideas page.


Game Design


Functional Spec Writing

  • Check out the ideas page to help with writing Functional Specs for current ideas








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