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Game Design Research

Page history last edited by Derek Lomas 12 years ago

To determine what games we should develop for the $10 computer, we are looking back through the history of games.  We call this process "Design Research."


The Carnegie Mellon Game Research Laboratory has produced an analysis of 10 classic educational games.  Check it out!



You can participate here by adding any games that you recommend.  The goal is to find existing games that might be adapted for development on the $10 computer.

Try these out, and add your own!




Lemonade Stand

In this game, you must make business decisions, such as deciding how much lemonade to make and how much to sell it for.  It's pretty addictive!



Pattern Memory

Simply remember the position of tiles and replicate them.  This would pair well with the mouse included with the computer.  The game gets much harder as it progresses!


Safe Cracker is a similar number-based memory game:



Robot Odyssey

This is a very engaging game for the Apple II.  In this game a boy is trapped in a land of robots, and must learn to program them to do his bidding.  That's his only way out!




Number Munchers

Eat the right numbers before eaten by a Troggle!  Simple, but actually fun.





Determine the angle and velocity of your shot, and try to destroy your opponent.  Somewhat violent, but may be useful for developing a good sense of angles and ballistics.





This is an actual NES game that was produced 2 years ago.  It's pretty sweet!




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